Natural History Book Restoration
Websters Dictionary
Miniature Bible Restoration
Prisoner of the Kormoran Restoration
Men of WA Restoration
Dutch Cook Book Restoration
Akubra Hat Box Restoration
CWA Book Before and After
Photo Album
Yapp Bible Restoration
Beethoven Book
Tom Sawyer Re-case
Horseshoeing Book Before and After

Our services range from basic repairs to full restorations, let us breathe new life into your well-loved and treasured books!


Time, environmental factors, frequent use, pests and accidental damage can all lead to a book's eventual disintegration. This inevitable degradation can be halted and, in some cases, reversed with our professional restoration services.

From missing spines and detached cover boards to torn pages and loose sections. Many books that may appear no longer functional or beautiful can be repaired and restored. 

Using archival quality materials to complement the existing leather, cloth or paper, books can be returned to their original condition.


To discuss your options and for further information please contact us - we will be happy to assist you.

Restoration and Repair

The best way to save your treasured and important books is to act as soon as possible. Contact us to get things started.
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